Vinnitsya Chamber
of Commerce and Industry

   Was founded on June 7,1995 on the basis of firm "VINNITSYAZOVNISHSERVICE". Being an organic part of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its regional representative Vinnitsya Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an independent business institution.
   It is in town Vinnitsya - oblast centre of one of the most developed agroindustrial region of the Ukraine with an advantageous geographical location. The Chamber is non-commercial organization. Its main aim is to render assistance in development of national economics, in harmonization of relations between owners of a buisness, in consolidation of international relations in industry, science and techology.
   Vinnitsya Chamber of Commerce and Industry actively works and expands co-operation with other Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Information Centers and foreign entrepreneurs` union to help domestic enterprises effectively in their work and in their rapid strides along the road of integration with Word Economic Community.
   Authority, wide spectrum of activites of Vinnitsya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and high professionalism of its workers are recognized and respected by business circles of the Region.
   Membership in the Chamber - is a convincing sign of civilization, competence and reliability.

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